Our Locations

Domestic Locations

Sales Locations Address Telephone Fax
R.T. Vanderbilt Holding Company, Inc. 30 Winfield Street
Norwalk, CT
Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC 33 Winfield Street
Norwalk, CT
203-295-2140 203-855-1220
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC 30 Winfield Street
Norwalk, CT
203-853-1400 203-853-1452
Manufacturing Facilities Address Telephone
Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC
Bethel Division Bethel, CT 203-744-3900
Murray Division Murray, KY 270-753-4926
Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC
Dixie Clay Division Beech Island, SC 803-593-2592
Gouverneur Mineral Division Gouverneur, NY 315-287-0100
Standard Mineral Division Robbins, NC 910-948-2267

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