Randy Johnson Talks About Murray

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Great Opportunities for Growth

“The Murray expansion allows us to move toward our goal of being certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), which sets us up to pass strict audits from pharmaceutical manufacturers. There are great opportunities for Vanderbilt's growth in pharmaceuticals for the VEEGUM® products, as well as continued growth in the personal care products industry.

No human hands touch the product, thanks to the new packaging operation. Once it's contained in the new bags, the VEEGUM® is either shipped to the customer as is, or sent out for irradiation to prepare it for use by the personal care and pharmaceutical industry.

With these improvements, the minerals side and the operating personnel are well poised for the future growth we expect, as we work to expand our markets.”

Randy Johnson, President, Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC

The recent expansion includes a new automated packaging facility. VEEGUM® is packaged more rapidly on the new system, which includes an automated bagger, conveyor belt with detection equipment, and a robotic palletizer.

The packaging for VEEGUM® is also revolutionary. VEEGUM® is now packaged in a bag that preserves its quality and makes for easier shipping and packing. In addition, customers have an easier time handling and using the re-sealable 3-layer laminated bag, which has an easy-pour spout.

Another feature of the new VEEGUM package is its recyclability. “The old fiber drums were labor intensive, and they couldn't be recycled,” explains George Collins. Attention to recycling is something that has earned Vanderbilt attention in Murray, Kentucky. “We have a good record on environmental safety,” reports Bill France.